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Cycle routes near Weesp

When I first began to think of creating a website about Weesp and the area around the town, one of my main goals was to present different kinds of beautiful or interesting cycle routes - It is still so and I have a plan.

My plan is also to describe routes, which should be possible to carry through by almost all ages no matter fitness. Furthermore it is my goal, to describe various routes of different lengths because a short trip can be just as good as a long, but there is a limit. A route must take no longer than a maximum of one day for an average person to complete.

Amsterdam Spring 2007

Photo from Amsterdam - Autumn 2006


For a while ago I ordered a map from Geografische Boekhandel Pied à Terre. ANWB/VVV Topografische kaart Amsterdam / Noord-Holland zuid, map 16 in this series, at scale 1:50 000. I have read that it should be the best cycle map you can buy and a good map is a "must". One time I was in Weesp I bought the best map I could find at the bookstore and it was almost useless. Everything on the front site was Hilversum and Weesp was placed on the back site in the upper left corner and for no use. So get a good map.

Holland - Spring 2007

Holland - Spring 2007

But even if you have the finest map you can get, you can't necessarily see which route is the best. It can give you an idea but you can't be sure. So what to do then? Well, you can drive to Weesp and try all the roads and bicycle tracks you can find or you can try to get help. I chose the last one and used one of the best computer programs you can find - Google Earth. It is simply impressive how many details you can see if you use this excellent tool . Google Earth is a really cool program by Google and it allows you to explore the world from your PC. I used the program when I planned our bicycle ride to Edam last time we visited The Netherlands. You can read about this 60 km long route if you use the link down below. It's not the shortest way to Edam but it doesn’t really matter when you have plenty of time and 60 km is nothing for a healthy  person - young or old/ drunk or sober . And you can take all the breaks you want. As a matter of fact it is what it's all about - to take it slow and easy and to be there.


Edam - Summer 2009

Photo from Edam - Summer 2009



Photo from Weesp - Summer 2009


Recommendable cycle routes near Weesp:

Weesp - Edam

Weesp - Muiden 

 Weesp - Hilversum

Weesp - Driemond - Abcoude

Weesp - Spiegelplas - Hilversum

Weesp - Amsterdam (not ready yet)


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Hilversum Summer 2005 Amsterdam Near Purmerend Amsterdam Amsterdam
Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam Near Purmerend


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