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Hilversum is not one of my favorite cities in NL. I think it lacks charm and charisma, and it's a little difficult to find your way round the city center, which is probably due to the railway tracks that divide the city in two. I also think I miss ships and canals when I visit the town. The kind of things I value so high when I visit other cities in the Netherlands lacks here.

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The town hall - designed by Willem Marinus Dudok

Hilversum is one of the slightly larger cities in the Netherlands and the largest in the area. I don't think the city itself is interesting to visit, but the surrounding areas are quite worth seeing - The heathland, the woods and the meadows is worht a visit. However, I will not rule out that I am a little too harsh in my assessment of the city. It may have many positive aspects - such as a rich cultural life and some very kind inhabitants - values that I just don't discover when I come cycling around and only stay in the city for a very short period of time.

Hilversum Media-Stad - Spring 2007

Hilversum is also called the Media Stadt because it is home to a number of Dutch broadcasters and media companies, and it is the headquarters of the national public broadcasting system NPO. Hilversum Media Park is also the heart of Holland’s TV and movie scene. The majority of TV shows in The netherlands is produced here.


Broadcasting Tower - Hilversum - Spring 2007


Heath near Hilversum

Hilversum has several attractions to offer:

Goois Natuurreservaat - A large nature reserve with different landscapes that you can explore on foot, by bike or on horseback. There is also a rich animal, plant and bird life outside the city.

Filmtheater Hilversum - A cozy cinema complex run by volunteers. Here you can watch quality films from all over the world, both new and old ones, in an intimate atmosphere.

Raadhuis Hilversum - An impressive town hall which some finds a masterpiece by the architect Willem Dudok. It is built in a modern style with geometric shapes and colors. You can get a guided tour inside the building.

Landgoed Zonnestraal - A historic country house which was formerly a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. It was designed by the architect Jan Duiker in a functionalist style with glass and concrete. It is now a cultural and health center.

Museum Hilversum - A museum of photography and video, which shows changing exhibitions of national and international artists. Here you can see exciting works that challenge the perception of reality.

Pinetum Blijdenstein - A botanical garden with a large collection of conifers from around the world. Here you can relax among the green plants, see beautiful flowers and birds, and learn about the history and significance of the trees.

The main street in Hilversum I believe - Summer 2007

"Sint Vituskerk" in the back - Spring 2008




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