Cycle route Weesp - Hilversum

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Cycle route Weesp - Hilversum

The second route I will describe is a route between the two cities Weesp and Hilversum. Hilversum is the largest city in the heart of the beautiful area the Dutch call Het Gooi.

As I have been written before I don't find Hilversum attractive and the only reason why I write about a cycle route to Hilversum is because of the 16 km route and not because of the city which is at the end of it.

Photo from Het Gooi - Spring 2008





The cycle route:

When you come from the centre of Weesp turn right after you have passed fort Ossenmarkt and follow 's-Gravelandseweg along the river Vecht. After about 4 km you can see the remains of fort Uitermeer, which you should make a break to see. After the fort follow the narrow road Kreugerlaan.

Melkment -  Summer 2010


Just before the road Melkmeent starts you can se one of the many small bunkers which were built just before World War II. The bunker will be on your left hand and in a private garden. Along the road there will be a lot of different birds because of the wet environment. After you have passed the crossroad and the sluice you will have Hilversumse to your left. When you come to Hilversumse-Meentweg you cross it and you will be on Melkestraat. Then you get to the gas station and the Franse Kampweg where you cross the road to the gate to the small wood. Now you are on Oude-Meentweg. Short after you will see a bench on your right and a little lake some 100 meters down below. If you take a break there before sunset and if you are just a little lucky you can see deer pass by.

Oude-Meentweeg -  Summer 2010

Many years ago, it was a park belonging to the owners of a monumental country house - Landhuis Bantam - which was demolished in 1971 after the fire brigade had used it as a practice project. You can still find traces if you look closely, and you can see a picture of the house if you look into the pipe lined up down by the water.

Landhuis Bantam before it was demolished - Autumn 2020


Stairs to the demolished Landhuis Bantam - Summer 2020


After the break at the Bantam house follow Oude-Meentweg and you will come to another gate which you have to get through. While you are on Oude-Meentweg you should make another break when you come to the crossroad.

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Take a little walk to the right until you come to an open space and take a good look around in the sky. If you are lucky you can see an eagle or other birds of prey. Last time I was there I saw two. After the break you just carry on in the same direction as before and you will come to another road also with the name 's-Gravelandseweg. If you follow that to the left you will be in the centre of Hilversum after a short time.


On The Way To Hilversum - Spring 2008

On the way to Hilversum you will travel through different kinds of landscape  -

Spring 2008 

On The Way To Hilversum - Spring 2008

....but  water you will find everywhere

On The Way To Hilversum - Spring 2008

.....and that is one of the main reasons why I like the area so much

Pictures from Het Gooi



River Vecht - Spring 2008

I have always loved these old and beautiful mahogany boats.



When you are bicycling near Weesp  or probably everywhere else in the flat Dutch landscape.....

Beautiful smiling Dutch women can always be sure you will meet some friendly and smiling local people ....

A smiling roller skater

...but if you think there are too few, you can always pull out your camera and they will all smile.

A smiling Duchman

Pictures from Melkment - Late Summer 2010


One of the sluices on the way to Hilversum - Spring 2008

From the main street in Hilversum I think - Autumn 2020


A vineyard near Hilversum - Summer 2020


Just like in Denmark it's not unusual to see a vineyard in the flat landscape. The picture above is from "Wijngaard Land en Bosch", Leeuwenlaan 34, 'S-Graveland. Close to the cycle route and almost in Hilversum.


Other recommendable cycle routes near Weesp:

Weesp - Spiegelplas - Hilversum

Weesp - Driemond - Abcoude

Weesp - Vreeland

Weesp - Muiden

Weesp - Edam


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On the way to Hilversum On the way to Hilversum On the way to Hilversum On the way to Hilversum On the way to Hilversum
On the way to Hilversum On The Way To Hilversum On The Way To Hilversum On the way to Hilversum On the way to Hilversum

Pictures from the cycle route Weesp - Hilversum - Spring 2008



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