Weesp - Hotel Het Hart Van Weesp

Hotel Het Hart Van Weesp - Summer 2020

It was nice to return to the beautiful little town of Weesp after several years of absence and discover that the good atmosphere of the city's only hotel is still intact, even after so long and so marked extensions. Much has changed in the city - not least the three churches, all converted into either a wine bar, a banquet hall or a dental clinic, but the city's hotel - Het Heart van Weesp - is still true to the atmosphere worth following and it makes the stay unique.


The entrance to the hotel - Summer 2020

Many hotels boast both four and five stars and various certificates that demonstrate both high efficiency and uniformity in staff work, but few can live up to a special own positive and welcoming atmosphere, giving the stay the boost that makes even a rainy day in the little town worth traveling for.

Cykelrute ikon

Cycle routes

A hotel must have soul and atmosphere, and it should help the traveler to feel welcome and comfortable no matter the length of stay. Hotel Het Heart van Weesp easily lives up to all this and in addition it is uniquely positioned with a view to the most beautiful boats passing daily in the picturesque canal that winds outside the hotel windows.

Weesp - Autumn 2020

I have often wondered why small picturesque towns like Weesp rarely sell postcards with beautiful motifs to promote the town. Not even the hotel has postcards. It would of course only be a small contribution, but many small streams turn into a large river. Only the big Dutch cities sell them. I think it is a beautiful custom to send postcards to friends and family when you are away for a long time. Not to brag, but to show that they are still in one's thoughts.

Lange Vechtbrug - Autumn 2020

The Hotel reception - Summer 2020

Several of the apartments are relatively large and has all the necessities: a refrigerator, a stove, a coffee machine, etc. It is not only very convenient, but it also provides you with the opportunity to prepare food that can be taken out on the many delightful cycle tours which there are so ample opportunities to take on. If you don’t have a bicycle you can rent one at the hotel or down town by the train station. It's cheaper at the hotel, but since they only have a very limited number of bicycles it might be necessary to try elsewhere. At the train station they close at 12 o'clock every night.

A view from one of the apartments - Spring 2009

For those who want to experience Weesp and the surrounding areas, it can be advisable to book one of the large apartments which also gives you a view over the channel that just runs by a few meters from the hotel. It is an experience in itself and it gives you the best possible base for your stay in Weesp.

Some of the appartements are not just very spacious...


....they are also  equipped with most necessities such as a refrigerator, a stove, and a coffee machine...


....And the best of it - it gives you a wonderful view over the beautiful canal.

View from the hotel - Spring 2020


A little video from a skylight a random day late in September 2020

In the old part of the town you will find a lot of small shops - Spring 2009

One of several bridges near the hotel - Summer 2020

In the morning when the sunlight is special it is a good idea .... take on a small walk along the chanals...


....It will give you the opportunity to enjoy the town before it wakes.

Weesp - One summer morning 2009

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Weesp - Spring 2009



Hotel Het Hart van Weesp

Herengracht 35,

1382 AH Weesp




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