Ruins of fort Uitermeer










Ruins of Fort Uitermeer

When you drive from Weesp along the road s-Gravelandseweg to Bussum and come to the road Kreugerlaan - just about 4 kilometres from Weesp - you can see a small part of the ruins of the fort Uitermeer from the road.

Ruins of fort Uitermeer - Summer 2007

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Paviljoen Uit & Meer is located next to the fort - Summer 2021

Next to the fort there is the possibility of buying refreshments, as a few years ago a restaurant with outdoor seating was built. From here there is ample opportunity to study the fort just as there is a view of the river Vecht.

Video - Ruins of fort Uitermeer

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Nearby there is a narrow path that leads to a small bridge which you can cross if you want to see more of the old fort.

The fort was built in 1873 - Summer 2007


Summer 2007

Fort Uitermeer forms part of the "New Dutch Water Line" - a defence line built in the 1840' s - and is unique due to its strategic location on the river Vecht. I will not claim that the remains of the fort are beautiful, but they are an important part of Dutch history and therefore worth preserving. If you want to read more about defence lines jump to the informative website by René G.A. Ros (I).

An old rusty cannon near the ruin - Summer 2007

The area though, is very recommendable and I like to be there just before sundown. You can sit on the small bridge and look at all the boats passing by at the river Vecht.


View from the small bridge to the sluice - 2007

Fort Uitermeer  - Evening sun - Summer 2020

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Pictures from the area near the ruin - Summer 2007

The sluice near Fort Uitermeer  - Summer 2020

Fort Uitermeer’s function was to defend the road running alongside the canal and the railway line Amsterdam-Hilversum. It was constructed in 1873 as a portion of the New Holland water defence line. In 1959 the fortress lost its function as a defensive structure. Although Fort Uitermeer is not accessible to the public it is possible to enjoy the fort from a short distance or from the restaurant near by - Paviljoen Uit & Meer.





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