The Cable ferry in Caputh

Lars Haagen Petersen

The ferry berth in Caputh and the ferry Tussy II - Seen from the Caputh side

The ferry town of Caputh was at the beginning of the 19th century the distribution point for bricks in the whole area around Zauch-Havelland, where the bricks were transported via the waterways to Berlin. After the decline in brick production, Caputh has evolved and is now best known for fruit growing and its beautiful recreational areas. In recent times, the city has also become known for "Rock in Caputh", which is a non-profit open-air music festival. The project is prepared annually by more than 100 volunteers.

The ferry berth in Caputh and the ferry Tussy II - Seen from the Geltow side

Since 1853 there has been a regular ferry crossing between Caputh and Geltow and in the summer it is also frequently used by tourists who often come by bike from Potsdam, which is only approx. 10 km from the ferry berth. The bike ride is quite nice especially if you choose to cycle along the small bike paths along the water.

Even on a late autumn day, many cyclists come to the Ferry in Caputh

The nicest road from Potsdam, is from the mosque, Breite Str. 28, which is actually a stately built pump house and then largely along the water to Caputh, but it is important to keep an eye on the signs.


Potsdam steam engine house

Potsdam steam engine house

The pump house in Neustädter Havelbucht is perhaps the most remarkable building in Potsdam, but it is also an example of a functional building from the early industrial period in the 19th century. Friedrich Wilhelm IV., Had this beautiful power plant designed and built by Ludwig Persius in the years 1841–43. It is the only pump house in the Moorish architectural style in Potsdam. Although the water supply to the fountains is now provided by modern electric pumps, visitors to the "mosque" can still experience the technical marvel. It is normally open on the first Sunday of each month from 10.00 - 17.30.

When you get a little further ahead, you come across another architectural attraction "Kongresshotel Potsdam am Templiner See", which is a relatively new hotel by the lake.

Kongresshotel Potsdam by Templiner See

Where Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin once built his airships, the Potsdam Congress Hotel was built in the 1990s. The architecture is based on the design of the old airships, but in a unique way and all three main buildings "float" like zeppeliners over the place by Lake Templin. From 1914, warships were built in Potsdam, but production was stopped in 1917, and the hall was demolished in 1920 due to the Treaty of Versailles, which required the Germans to no longer build these airships. 

An old milestone shortly before the Caputh ferry berth

Shortly before the ferry berth, you are met by this very beautiful and old milestone, which indicates that there is only 0.3 km. back, which should be quite affordable for most people.

The now retired Tussy I can be seen on the way to the ferry berth - Summer 2012

However, the ferry berth does not just offer the opportunity to get from one shore to another - There is also ample opportunity to eat a good lunch while enjoying a fantastic view of a wide and interesting selection of everything that can now sail through the narrow strait.

 "Ein Hausboot" going through the narrow strait - 2021


Caputh - Restaurant "Fährhaus Caputh" seen from the ferry - Spring 2023


Albert Einstein's summerhouse

When visiting Caputh, there is also the opportunity to visit Albert Einstein's cottage, which he had more or less received as a residence of honor until he had to leave the country due to the strongly anti-Jewish atmosphere in Nazi Germany. Shameful but true and unfortunately it applied too much during this period. 



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