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Bad Karlshafen

by Lars Haagen Petersen


Bad Karlshafen


View of tour boats and Hotel Zum Weserdampfschiff - Bad Karlshafen spring 2017

Bad Karlshafen is in many ways a small insignificant town in Central Germany 15 km south of Höxter and 37 km north of Kassel. The population is also to be overlooked, as it is only approx. 3,600.

What makes the city special is its unique location. The city is protected by the river Weser, which was founded in 1699 by Count Carl zu Hessen and French Huguenots who had fled persecution in France.

Small video from Bad Karlshafen og omegn

Musik: Pianochocolate - Romance

View of part of the then drained harbor basin to Restaurant Alt Carlshafen and Hotel Zum Weserdampfschiff - Bad Karlshafen spring 2017

The city has been laid out symmetrically around a harbor basin that is connected to the river Weser via a canal. This unique urban structure with the harbor basin in the center and formative buildings such as the town hall and the Invalidenhaus around it, is largely preserved to this day.
In 1717 the town was renamed Carlshaven and when the salt water springs were discovered in 1730, these were later from 1938 used for medical purposes.


Huguenot tower seen from the river Weser

Huguenot tower built by a grateful resident of Bad Karlshafen in the spring of 2017

What for me makes the area worth visiting is the surrounding nature, which provides ample opportunity to cycle in unique German nature and often along the river Weser, which constantly meanders in the beautiful landscape.

"Die 20 schönsten Radtouren rund um Bad Karlshafen"

On a bike ride at Weser - Bad Karlshafen year 2015

If you are not cycling for one reason or another, there is plenty of opportunity to take a tour boat from e.g. either Bad Karlshafen or Höxter, which can be recommended in any case. It does not go faster than everyone can keep up and you are also constantly overtaken by cyclists etc. who follow the bike paths along the river. Along the way you can then sit and enjoy the varied nature the boat passes through. However, you just have to be aware that there is a time difference between sailing up or down the river. I think it takes approx. 1 hour more to sail up the river on the trip from Höxter and to Bad Karlshafen. Personally, however, I see it as a clear advantage, as it gives you 1 hour more to enjoy the trip.


The nature near Bad Karlshafen is quite varied - Autumn 2015

As Bad Karlshafen is located between the Reinhardswald Nature Park and the Solling-Vogler region, right on the banks of the Weser and Diemel, it makes the city the perfect starting point for many different kinds of nature experiences.

Tourboat - "Flotte Weser" - Bad Karlshafen Spring 2017

The above shows the sailing route along the Weser

Fahrplan der Weserschiffe für den Dampferanleger in Bad Karlshafen: Flotte Weser (


"Hotel Zum Weserdampfschiff" - Bad Karlshafen


After a day of cycling or boating, you can relax on the terrace of the Hotel Zum Weserdampfschiff, where there is a unique view of the river and good food. You can also advantageously stay overnight at the hotel, where I would recommend that you book a room facing the river.