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Bar El Vinos Lagar - Frigiliana Christmas 2022

Frigiliana with its 3000 inhabitants is located approx. 7 km. from Nerja is one of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia, but also one of the most exhausting cities to visit, at least if you want to go all the way up to the top.

The oldest part of the city was built by the Moors and it is the part that is best preserved and most worth seeing.

Beautiful view of the Mediterranean from the old town of Frigiliana - Christmas 2022


"Welcome to Frigiliana" - Christmas 2022

A few Danish artists moved to here years ago, but moved away again when summer tourism increased in ever greater numbers. Thus, more and more tourist buses came every day with people swarming around the small town's narrow streets and alleys and it can easily become too cramped with the space.

Christams 2019

Most of the streets are very narrow and steep, but definitely worth a visit, also because the city's residents go to great lengths to maintain their city. 

In several places in the old town, pictures can be seen on the walls which tell the history of the town - Christmas 2018

Each of the old town's small squares has a small chapter of the town's history displayed in a beautifully decorated ceramic tile panel. And if you know Spanish, you can read each chapter as you walk around and learn what happened, especially about the last battle between the Christians and the Moors during the rebellion of 1569. There are 12 panels in total. The ceramist behind these works of art was Pilar Garcia Millan.


 Art by Pilar Garcia Millan - Christmas 2022

View from a cozy bar and restaurant "El Comendaó" - Christmas 2018

When the Moors lost in 1609, the survivors of the fighting were deported to North Africa, which was the end of an otherwise fruitful time for the small town. However, it was not the Moors who created the city. Traces of the first settlements can be dated back to 3000 - 1500 BC. and remains from Roman times can also be seen.

Frigiliana" - Christmas 2016

If you are in doubt as to where you are, you can always just look down at one of the manhole covers that says they belong to Frigiliana's town hall - "Ayuntamiento de Frigiliana".

Should you fancy another cozy little village,  "El Acebuchal" a few kilometers away can be recommended.



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