by Lars Haagen Petersen

The river Vecht in Breukelen - "Sint-Johannes de Doperkerk" - The churchtower can be seen in the background  - Summer 2022

Breukelen is a small town in the municipality of Stichtse Vecht in the Dutch province of Utrecht. The cozy city is located near the river Vecht and Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. The small town with the approximately 11,000 inhabitants has given its name to the somewhat more famous one - Brooklyn - The district in the American city of New York is named after Breukelen, which was then called Breuckelen.

Boats on the river Vecht - Spring 2022

What makes the city and the nearby area interesting for me are the many boats that pass under the city's bridge and sail along the many impressive villas that are located along the banks of the Vecht.


 Boats on the river Vecht - Spring 2022

The area around Breukelen was extremely attractive for the wealthiest of Amsterdam's residents in the 18th century, where it was especially desirable in the summer to get away from the stench of the capital's canals, where faeces flowed freely. Anyone can imagine what a stench must have been in Amsterdam on a hot summer day and what a relief it must have been to get away from it. In the mentioned period, several mansions and castles were built in the area. Although the stench in Amsterdam has long since subsided, the area is still sought after, which is clearly seen by the many large and expensive houses.

Pleasure sailing on the Vecht near Breukelen - Summer 2022

I have heard the current mayor state that what makes the city attractive to many is the central location close to Amsterdam (approx. 30 km.), Utrecht (approx. 15 km.) and Rotterdam (approx. 70 km.) or 45 minutes by train. It also sounds quite comfortable, but if you are interested in beautiful boats and enjoy viewing them in cozy surroundings, the river Vecht at Breukelen is absolutely one of the best places to be near.

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"Sterreschans" is a small mansion from 1688 with a suitable car at Vecht near Breukelen - Spring 2023

The pictures here are from the river Vecht...

...near Breukelen...

... were many boats can be seen especially at weekends at summertime

Boats on Vecht near Breukelen on a spring day in May - 2022


Scheendijk in the foreground and Breukelen in the background - Photo Wikipedia

The Scheendijk area has its special appearance due to its history and geography and is located in an area known for its lakes and ribbed sand islands, called Loosdrechtse Plassen, which are popular for tourism and water sports. The islands arose due to peat extraction in the 17th century, when the peat was excavated below the water surface and left to dry on adjacent banks.
As peat extraction continued, the banks became smaller as they were eroded by wind and waves.
Scheendijk means the divided dike, and it is first mentioned in 1746. The houses on the islands are often connected by bridges and a number of houseboats and marinas can be seen along the lake area. Here is also ample opportunity to rent both parts. Scheendijk is part of the municipality of Stichtse Vecht.



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