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Fort St. Angelo - Grand Harbour

Fort St. Angelo - Grand Harbour - Winter 2008

Valleta is the capital of Malta and as a city quite new. It was built after the great siege in 1565 and for the same reason built as an impressive fortification. The construction took approx. 3 years and the man behind was Grandmaster Jean Parisot de la Valette. Behind the walls of the fortifications live approx. 9,000 inhabitants, which is not much for a capital city. On the other hand, there are a number of interesting sights such as St. John's Co-Cathedral, Grand Master's Palace and Old Knights' Hospital.

Upper Baracca Gardens - Valletta - Malta

Malta's capital, Valletta, was founded by Grand Duke Jean Parisot de la Valette on March 28, 1566.

Upper Baracca Gardens - Valletta - Malta

The city, which is extremely beautiful, holds approx. 9,000 inhabitants and has many historic buildings and a unique harbor, Grand Harbor. There are also public gardens with views of i.a. the city's port.

Udsigt fra Upper Baracca Gardens - Valletta - Malta  

When you have visited the city, you will understand why it was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It happened in 1980.



BThe pictures are photographed from Upper Barrakka Gardens, from where there is a unique view - Winter 2008

Gade i Valletta

One of the very few slightly larger streets in Valletta, which i.a. is known for its many bay windows - Winter 2008

Valletta - Forhindringsløb

The Republic Street - Christmas 2003

Upper Barracca Gardens - Valletta - Malta

Upper and Lower Barracca Gardens offer the best opportunities to enjoy the view of the beautiful harbor complex and to enjoy the rays of the winter sun.

Lower Baracca Gardens - Valletta - Malta

During Napoleon's siege of Malta, the Lower Barrakka gardens were used as a kitchen garden for the use of the soldiers. It was only when the British arrived that the place was converted into a park.

Lower Baracca Gardens - Valletta - Malta

Upper Barracca Gardens was laid out as a recreation and exercise area, but now it is a park with a unique view. Below you will find Lascaris War Rooms. It was i.a. from here the Allies controlled the fighting in the Mediterranean and planned the invasion of Sicily.

Upper and Lower Barracca Gardens - Winter 2008

Grandmasters Palace- Winter 2010

Valletta - Malta

Valletta seen from the air. From the photograph it is quite clear that it is a defense work (I)

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Mixed photos from the capital Valletta - Winter 2008


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