Cycle route Weesp - Spiegelplas - Hilversum

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Cycle route Weesp - Spiegelplas - Hilversum

Near Bergse Pad

Bergse Pad Summer 2020

I have earlier described a cycle route to Hilversum but this one is a little longer. I have only tried the route a couple of times but I'm looking forward to use it more often. Especially the landscape near Spiegelplas is beautiful.


Ankeveense Plassen - Kirsten Brædder Høj

Ankeveense Plassen - Spring 2009



Ankeveense Plassen

One of the more picturesque places you will se...


Ankeveense Plassen Ankeveense Plassen near  Bergse Pad...



Ankeveense Plassen

...where the house and the garden   are  especially beautiful.

Spring 2009

Bergse Pad 2020

Music: Ketsa - A Suitable Ensemble

Ankeveense Plassen

Bergse Pad - Summer 2020

The cycle route:

When you come from the centre of Weesp turn right after you have passed fort Ossenmarkt and follow 's-Gravelandseweg along the river Vecht. After about 4 km you can see the remains of fort Uitermeer, which you should make a break to see. After the fort follow the road Kreugerlaan to you reach Gooilandseweeg. There you turn to the right.

Boat - River Vecht

I'm always fascinated by all the different boats on the river Vecht.

Summer - 2008

River Vecht



I'm especially thrilled when I see one of the old ones....



River Vecht

....but they don't have to be old as long as they are well designed.

The river Vecht - Summer 2008

When you come to the river Vecht again you turn to the left and drive down Dammerweg.  Follow the river till you see the sign as shown on the picture below.




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Drive to the left down Googpad and follow it about 100 meters before you drive to the left and down Dammerkade. After approximately 250 meters you will reach Bergse Pad to your right. Now it is time to take a break and enjoy the landscape.



Bergse Pad - Summer 2020


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Spiegelplas Vecht Spiegelplas Spiegelplas
Spiegelplas Spiegelplas Spiegelplas Spiegelplas Spiegelplas

Pictures from Spiegelplas or near by - Summer 2008

Bergse Pad - Summer 2010

Bergse Pad - Summer 2010

After the break  follow Bergse Pad to the end of the road. There you will reach Stichts End where you turn to your right. After about 200 metres you will meet Herenweg, which you follow till you have to cross a small canal. On the other side you will find Noordereinde. Follow the way till you reach Leeuwenlaan at your left. If you follow that you will come to s-Gravelandseweg which will lead you to the centre of Hilversum.

Gees near Oude-Meentweg

Gees near Oude-Meentweg - Summer 2008

If you like, you can use the first described cycle route, Weesp - Hilversum, to get back to Weesp.


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Pictures taken during the cycle tour - Summer 2008


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Main page Ruins of fort Uitermeer Addresses and links And why all this? Air photo of Weesp Cycle Routes near Weesp Het Gooi


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