Cycle route Weesp - Edam

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Cycle route Weesp - Edam

The third route I will describe is a route from Weesp to Edam through Muiden, Durgerdam, Uitdam, Monnickendam and Volendam. Edam is a town in the province of North Holland near Ijsselmeer and approximately 20 km northeast of Amsterdam. The town is known to most people because of the famous Edam cheese and the cheese market in July and August on each Wednesday. If you want to know more about the cheese (I) or the city (II) see the notes down below.

Edam is a fine little town with some 7,000 citizens. The city centre is worth visiting because of the architecture and the old buildings. The town hall is from 1737.

The cycle route from Weesp is about 6o km long and most of the route is exceptionally beautiful.

Small bridge in Edam

Photo from Edam - Spring 2008


Video - Edam

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The cycle route:

When you come from the centre of Weesp turn left after you have passed fort Ossenmarkt and follow Lange-Muiderweg along the river Vecht to Muiden. After about 3-4 km you will reach Muiden. Take a good break in the centre of the town and take a look at all the fine boats.


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After the break drive to Amsterdamsestraat near the slues and drive through Amsterdamse Poort, Amsterdamsestraatweg and Maxisweg along the small river to your right. When you come to Overdiemerweg follow that and when you come to where the road divides into two, take the one to the right. There you will pass "Zoeklicht remise Kustbatterij bij Diemerdam" (III), which was a part of thee old Dutch defence line. Take a small break there before you carry on to Diemerzeedijk, which you have to follow to you reach  Jan Beijerpad . Drive down the small road Jan Beijerpad when you see it on your right hand. Now you will pass IJburg, which is artificial islands, which have been raised from the lake. Maybe I'm too old or something like that but I don't like the place; I don't like the Islands, I don't like the chaotic architecture and I don't like the colours - but be your own judge. After this awful sight you come to Diemerzeedijk again, which you have to follow to you come to the bridge "Amsterdamse Brug". Cross the bridge and the next one too, which will come short after you have passed the first one. At the end of the second bridge take the stairs down to the small road at your right. Follow the road along the dike to you reach Durgerdam, which is a small village along the IJsselmeer. There you can take a brake and if you wish to buy lunch or something like that, it will be possible.



...cross Uitdammerdijk

Uitdammerdijk camping

On the way to Edam you will travel through Durgerdam  -

Spring 2008 



....and pass through several

beautiful villages

After the brake carry on along the road Durgerdammerdijk. After a short time you will pass a small camping place and after that you will drive on a narrow path, Uitdammerdijk, with water on both sites. Follow the path till you reach Uitdam, which also is a small village. Take another brake there if you like or carry on  along Zeedijk . When you come to where the road divides into two, take the one to the left. The one to the right leads to Marken, a small island. If you have the time go there if not take the other one to  Monnickendam.

Monnickendam is a fishing village with about 10,000 citizens. When you reach the city limit follow the road waterlansee Zeedijk till you come to a roundabout. Take the first road, Zuideinde, and drive to the city centre. Take a walk in the harbour area before you carry on along the road s Haven, Havenstraat and Nieuwendam. There you will have to cross the water. Drive up along Molenkade, Jaagweg. When you come to Zeedeweg at your right follow the road to Volendam.

Edam Summer 2006

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Volendam with it's 22,000 citizens is a popular tourist attraction, well-known for its old fishing boats and the traditional clothing still worn by some residents. Take a break there an enjoy the life in the centre of the city before you drive to the next city, Edam.

A well deserved beer - Edam - Spring 2008

Edam town centre - Spring 2008

A good beer is served after a fine cycle tour .

When you are ready drive to the harbour and  follow the small road Zeedijk till you reach Keetzijde and the canal, which will lead you to the heart of Edam and the end of the cycle tour.



Edam Town hall

Edam town hall - Spring 2008



If you are too tired to cycle back to Weesp, drive to Purmerend and take the train back home. There will bee about 10 km from Edam.


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Edam_Supermarkt On The way to Edam - Spring 2008 Durgerdam - Spring 2008 Near Volendam - Spring 2008 Edam - Spring 2008
Edam - Spring 2008 Edam - Spring 2008 On The way to Edam - Spring 2008 Edam_Cheese Edam - Spring 2008

Pictures from the cycle route Weesp - Edam - Spring 2008



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