The river Vecht

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The River Vecht

The River Vecht is a 42 long Rhine branch that runs from Utrecht in the south to the IJmeer in the north, near Muiden. The river is sometimes called Utrechtse Vecht and is a wonderful setting for a cycle ride or a boat trip.

River Vecht

Photo from Edam - Spring 2008

Way back it was an important Dutch river for commercial transport of goods but nowadays it is mainly used for pleasure boating.

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River Vecht

The boat "Den Olden Plex" i think - Autumn 2020

It is hard to imagine that it can be more relaxed than what you see in the picture above

River Vecht

The boat "De Schepen Weyn" - Vecht 2020

The Vecht begins near the famous Slot Zuylen Castle. If you travel to the south along the river you’ll find Maarssen. This town is often referred to as ‘little Amsterdam’ thanks to the magnificent river-side houses. Another famous town is Breukelen, a town with a name that became Brooklyn after Dutch immigrants settled in New York in the 17th century.

River Vecht

 Vecht 2020

Nieuwersluis is known for its military history and Loenen and Vreeland is known for its perfectly preserved old buildings, charming drawbridges and a unique atmosphere.

River Vecht

Vecht near Nigtevecht - 2008

The beautiful small town of Nigtevecht is best known for the Zwaanwijck castle, which is a country estate along the river Vecht, but the town itself is also quite picturesque.

River Vecht

The Boat "Diane" - Vecht 2008

It is definitely recommended to sit on a bench on a good hot summer day and then sit and enjoy all the beautiful boats that sail by. The best would of course be to sail yourself, but less is absolutely all right.


River Vecht

A part of the Muiden harbour and the castle in the back - Vecht 2008

At the end of the trip you have to go through Weesp to get to Muiden, which is the last town before Lake IJmeer. Here you have to go through the lock if you arrive by boat and if you want to leave Vecht and sail on to the IJmeer. However, it can be recommended to visit Muiden as the small town is definitely worth a visit.

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