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Volterra and Villa Palagione Centro Interculturale

by Lars Haagen Petersen

Entrance to the main building - Villa Palagione 2018

Villa Palagione was built over 400 years ago during the Medici dynasty, as a country house for noble families.
In the 20th century, the buildings fell more and more into disrepair until in the 1980s it was bought by some Germans who wanted to transform the place for the purpose of education, tranquility and relaxation. A place where you could calmly develop creatively in a relaxed environment.

Villa Palagione - 2018

It is hard not to feel at home in these beautiful Tuscan surroundings, just as it's hard not to feel great sympathy with these people who have devoted a large part of their lives to this commendable purpose.

The entrance to the main building from the small park - 2018

A little picturevideo

Villa Palagione is located seven kilometers east of the 3000-year-old cultural center Volterra on the southern slope of the historic mountain "Monte Voltraio". Here is said to be the large fortress "Kastell Monte Voltraio" as well as a densely populated village that lay below the hilltop. The village is as far as it is known first mentioned in 967 AD, under Emperor Otto the Great. The municipality had its heyday in the 12th-13th. century and was once an independent urban area. In the following centuries, however, it was completely destroyed by countless military conflicts.
Numerous archeological finds, remains of walls, columns, etc. can still be seen today and give an impression of the dimensions and significance of this place.


During the day, you often study either alone or in groups - 2018

The recorded history of Villa Palagione begins 400 years ago, in 1598, when the Florentine dynasty of the Medici family was at its height. As far as it is known, the original owner was named Girolamo Minucci and he was a knight in Tuscany. Over the centuries, the Minucci family represented the Medici interests of this region. The area's great mineral resources were the source of great wealth and power, but also the cause of several power struggles. Since the time of Girolamo, the appearance of the estate has changed several times over the centuries - different generations and fashion trends have left their mark.

 One of the many restored rooms - 2018

The villa has many large rooms and halls. "Lords and Ladies" lived on the middle floor or "Bel-Etage", where today you can still find the most beautiful murals and frescoes that have been restored in the finest way.

Villa Palagione - 2018

Villa Palagione - 2018

Villa Palagione
Centro Interculturale
Loc. Palagione
56048 Volterra- Italia
Tel. 0039-0588 39014
Mobile 0039-3404856289
Fax 0039-0588 39129


The city of Volterra is located in the heart of Tuscany and approx. 500 meters up on a hill. It's about. 40 km. to the sea, 70 km. to Florence, 47 km. to Siena, 63 km. to Pisa and 29 km. to San Gimignano. The city is almost closed inside behind the city wall from the 13th century, but outside there are Roman baths and the famous Medici fort. This is also where you will find the so-called Etruscan Acropolis with 2,000-year-old temples and homes. These are located on the hillside just outside the city, which has approx. 12,000 inhabitants.

A plaque commemorating the battles of World War II - 2018

A memorial plaque states that during World War II, the city's population prevented the city gate from being blown by German troops.

Photo from Volterra - Anniversary 19 Aug. 2018

Anniversary Poster - 2018


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